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Highways of Trinidad

churchill rosevelt

This website seeks to explore and inform the major Highways of the beautiful Twin Isle of Trinidad & Tobago. Trinidad & Tobago collectively consists of 6 major highways, some of which has been in operation form the early 1940’s and have developed over the decades connecting the many communities and other major roadways. This website highlights The Solomon Hochoy Highway, The Churchill-Roosevelt Highway, The Uriah Butler Highway and last but certainly not least is The Audrey Jeffers Highway. We take a look into these great past leaders early life, career and personal life as well. Additionally a look into the works they contributed to this great land of Trinidad & Tobago to have in return these major highways named after them.

By investigating the historical background of both the highways and the famous leaders they were named after, Highways of Trinidad was able to give a better insight into the many benefits these roadways brought with them. As the most common form of transportation in Trinidad & Tobago remains vehicular transport, these major roadways allowed many communities to further develop themselves, connect with others and overall improve the country’s economic growth given the positive relationship between transportation and economic development. Overall the historical line of inquiry is to assess the historical impact that these major highways brought to the once newly independent and growing economy of Trinidad.

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